Women's Health

Specialist clinics dedicated to women’s health including coil and implant fitting and removal, contraception, HRT advice and pessary changes.

As part of the Better Access service, Heartbeat are providing Women’s Health Clinics in Richmondshire.

The service includes:

  • coil and implant fitting and removal
  • contraception
  • HRT advice
  • pessary changes.

The service launched in December 2021 at the Health Centre in Catterick Garrison and is delivered by a mixed team of clinicians including GPs, Assistant Nurse Practitioners, Practice Nurses and Healthcare Assistants.

Prior to a fitting or removal, a patient will have a telephone consultation with the clinician at least a week before the procedure.

How to access the service

Remote clinics

To support women living in Hambleton and Richmondshire we launched a Menopause Management service through Better Access in December 2022. This is a remote service and can be delivered either by phone or video call.

The Menopause Management Service offers patients an extended consultation with a GP with a specialist interest in the diagnosis and management of the menopause.  The GPs working in the service will prescribe any medication required and then follow-up with each patient until a long-term plan is agreed.

Ahead of attending one of the remote clinics please watch the following video which provides information about the menopause and the treatment options that are available:


Are you aged between 40-45 years old?

Are you experiencing…

Brain fog Increased anxiety for no obvious reason Changes in your periods, heavier or more painful Hot flushes Changes in mood

Poorer sleep Vaginal dryness Loss of sexual desire Aches in joints or muscular pains Tiredness

You could be perimenopausal and with some simple and effective treatment you could get back to feeling you again.

Research has shown that the menopause starts a lot earlier than was previously believed and it isn’t just about hot flushes and periods stopping. The beginning of hormonal changes can seriously affect women’s physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing and the key is coming to get checked by your GP as soon as possible.


There are so many options available to women these days. It is a bit like buying a pair of jeans, everyone is different in what suits them but everyone will have the perfect fit.

HRT comes in many forms and absorbing oestrogen through the skin in patches, gels and sprays is a very low risk option for a lot of women. Your GP will be able to advise you on a treatment that is safe and works for you and address any concerns you may have.


Boosting your oestrogen levels at this time in your life is thought to have other benefits also for your:


Reducing the chances of osteoporosis


Providing some protection against cardiovascular disease


There is some emerging evidence that suggests HRT may reduce the risk of developing dementia