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A Tribute To Iain Murray

In October 2021 we sadly lost our CEO Iain Murray. Iain had been involved with Heartbeat from its formation in 2014 and became CEO in 2018. Iain really was the heart of Heartbeat and through his kind and compassionate nature and leadership has left a legacy that the whole team is determined to live on.

Our CEO Stephen Brown talks about Iain and why he was so special.

Jayne Bone

Jayne has been with Heartbeat since late 2020 and is one of the backbones of our organisation. Jayne was recently promoted to Operations and Finance Manager, where she supports the Chief Executive Officer and Director of Finance and Strategy in developing Heartbeat and our ambitious growth targets. Jayne also works very closely with Shirley Moses to support the Primary Care Networks, ensuring effective financial management and monitoring are in place.

Jayne is passionate about her work and brings over 30 years of accounting and finance experience to support Heartbeat’s strategic decision making and business development. She has a wonderful sense of humour and cares deeply about supporting others to be their best.

Neil Goodenough

Neil is a self-certified pain science geek and has brought his passion and experience to create an innovative programme to help people suffering with chronic pain conditions.

At present between 30-50% of the UK population experience persistent pain. This accounts for a staggering 4.6 million GP appointment in the UK per year! Accessing specialist pain management services often takes months to years, and in the meantime an individuals’ dependence on medications can increase while their mood deteriorates.

In response to this growing need, Neil designed a pain education programme for anyone in North Yorkshire suffering from persistent pain. Pain science education can improve an individuals’ self efficacy; the understanding and control an individual has over their own individual pain experience. Increasing pain self efficacy empowers patients to take back control in developing their own self-pain management strategies that work for them.

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