Stephen Brown

Chief Executive Officer

Stephen first moved into healthcare in the mid-1990s as a qualified accountant when the NHS was starting to professionalise the financial management of NHS trusts. He had a calling to apply his accountancy skills and senior finance track record to make a real difference in the management of local healthcare.

In the past 20 years Stephen has realised that difference, becoming Managing Partner for two GP practices and being the founding director and first CEO of Heartbeat. He headed up the Heartbeat team that delivered £2.3m of the Prime Minister’s Challenge Fund projects.

He is most proud of commissioning the original strategic level report that eventually led to the project to develop the Catterick Integrated Care Campus which is on target to open in 2024. This is the first development of its kind as it integrates NHS community and primary healthcare with Defence healthcare, not just co-locating teams but designed for them to work together to deliver care to the local civilian and armed forces population.

Stephen cares deeply about the environment and the interconnectedness of our planet and all those who live on it. He is a keen gardener and walker and is driven by the love for his family and being able to use whatever skills he has to make a positive difference.