Sandy Angel-Jones-Fitton

Personal Assistant to Board

Sandy’s interest in health began with studying a degree in biomedicine that brought to life the intricate design of the human body, its hosts, parasites and medical treatment. From this knowledge she developed a desire to carry on learning and helping medical professionals keep their depth of knowledge and education up to date.

Sandy’s career highlight at Heartbeat has been her involvement in delivering medical professionals’ continued education, known as Continued Professional Development (CPD), through protected learning time via virtual media. This has opened the door to availability and accessibility in the volatile world that the global pandemic has produced.

Sandy is very proud that medical professionals have been so engaged in the CPD sessions. Her heart is warmed to know that they are eager to learn and keep on learning; and in learning they will be passing their skill on to the patients they care for.

Outside of Heartbeat Sandy has many hobbies that are ‘art, nature and sport’ oriented. She is passionate about them and the joy and peace they bring to her busy life, but her big passion is without doubt learning more about the creation and design of the human body. Sandy is driven and guided by her Christian faith and her family.