Dr Ken Atkinson

Non-Executive Director

Ken chose to become a doctor initially because of his love for science and maths. However, it was really at medical school that he realised that medicine was so much more, seeing the difference that a doctor can make in someone’s life; whether it was giving them the treatment that relived their symptoms, or listening and supporting them through a difficult time.

The main highlights of his career are becoming a partner in his local surgery and the enjoyment of being involved in the daily decision making of the practice as well as taking responsibility for the wellbeing of his patients and staff. Ken also feels lucky to be able to work in other roles, such as Heartbeat, which expand his knowledge and abilities into other areas.

He is most proud of the work done to integrate other healthcare roles into primary care in our area, especially with the Heartbeat clinical pharmacist team. It has been a real privilege to see them develop their skills and confidence and become such an integral part of the primary care team.