Confidentiality Agreement

In the course of your employment or associated work within the Organisation, you may have access to, see or hear confidential information concerning the medical or personal affairs of patients, staff or associated healthcare professionals.  Unless acting on the instructions of an authorised officer within the Organisation, on no account should such
information be divulged or discussed, except in the performance of your normal duties.  Breach of confidence including the improper passing of computer data, will result in a breach of contract taking place, and the relevant action may then be taken.

You should also be aware that regardless of any action taken by the Organisation, a breach of confidence could result in a civil action against you for damages.

You must ensure that all records, including computer screens and computer print outs of patient data, are never left in such a manner that unauthorised persons can obtain access to them.  Computer screens must always be cleared when left unattended and you must ensure you log out of computer systems, removing your password.  All passwords to Organisation systems must be kept confidential, and not shared with other employees without prior authorisation from your line manager or HR.  No unauthorised use of the internet or email is allowed.

Discretion must be used at all times.  You should never repeat a patient’s name over the telephone or allow anything you say be able to make the caller identifiable to anyone who may be within earshot. 

Information concerning patients or staff is strictly confidential and must not be disclosed to unauthorised persons.  This obligation shall continue in perpetuity.

Disclosure of confidential information or disclosures of any data of a personal nature can result in prosecution for an offence under the Data Protection Act 2018 or an action for civil damages under the same Act. This may occur in addition to any breach of contract action taken against you by the Organisation.

Nothing within this policy will prevent you, or where applicable, us (or any of our officers, employees, workers or agents) from:

a)  reporting a suspected criminal offence to the police or any law enforcement agency or co-operating with the police or any law enforcement agency regarding a criminal investigation or prosecution;

b)  doing or saying anything that is required by HMRC or a regulator, ombudsman or supervisory authority;

c)  whether required to or not, making a disclosure to, or co-operating with any investigation by, HMRC or a regulator, ombudsman or supervisory authority regarding any misconduct, wrongdoing or serious breach of regulatory requirements (including giving evidence at a hearing);

d)  complying with an order from a court or tribunal to disclose or give evidence;

e)  disclosing information to HMRC for the purposes of establishing and paying (or recouping) tax and National Insurance liabilities arising from your employment or its termination;

f)  disclosing information to any person who owes a duty of confidentiality (which you and we agree not to waive) in respect of information disclosed to them, including legal or tax advisers or, in your case, persons providing you with medical, therapeutic, counselling or support services (provided they owe you a duty of confidentiality which remains unwaived); or

g)  making any other disclosure as required by law.